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Making the decision to sell your home can be a scary and tough choice to make, thankfully you have the option to work with an experienced real estate agent that can help guide you through the buying or selling process and avoid the scary pitfalls. Almost 80% of recent home buyers have said that their real estate agent had very useful information and walked them through some difficult decisions during the buying process. Choose the most qualified agent that knows the local market, acts in an ethical manner, answers all of your questions and concerns and most importantly, will listen to you. You also want to have an agent with a personality that fits you. Keep in mind that the agent you choose needs to be someone you can have serious business conversations with, someone you are not uncomfortable disagreeing with because during the buying process your financial picture can become intimate for both your mortgage agent and your real estate agent. You will be spending quite a bit of time with this person so their style needs to be compatible with yours. Chances are that if you don’t like the agent, neither will the other party you will be dealing with and it could cause negotiation issues. Find an agent that fits your personality. To better equip you in your search for a qualified and experienced realtor, we suggest asking these questions to the agents you interview.

1) How much experience do you have as a realtor?

When you ask this question it can lead to getting a more in-depth look at a realtor’s experience. Their answer may include how many years and houses they’ve sold during their tenure as a real estate agent, how their customers feel about their service, and what kind of situations they’ve had to deal with in your specific real estate market. They may also tell you about their ratio of buyers to sellers, this can be important in determining if the agent primarily works with buyers or sellers or if they work both equally. This information is good to know if you’re looking to sell your current home and purchase another one, finding an agent or team that can meet all your needs will make the process easier.

2) How many clients do you work with at one time?

Asking this question will tell you if this realtor is going to have enough time to dedicate to you and your needs if the real estate agent works with a large number at once, you may want to make sure they will have enough time to provide you with the support you need.

3) Can you provide me with the names and phone numbers of past clients who have agreed to be references?

Insights from past customers can help you learn more about an agent and give you a greater comfort level.

4) Are you part of a real estate team?

If you decide to work with a realtor team, you can be provided with many additional benefits. One major benefit of working with a team is that you’ll have access to a higher level of experience and you’ll be able to find someone on the team that may have more intimate knowledge of working with your specific situation. However, it should be clear how working with a team is going to work — are you going to work with one primary agent with assistance from the others, or are you going to be meeting with someone new every time? It is important to have a trustworthy realtor by your side to begin looking for a home for sale. Asking the right questions to get the necessary information from potential real estate agents can be key to having a smooth buying and selling experience.